Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Talent of the week

I love, love, love this people dancing!! Just watch Talent of the week is a choreographer by the name of Willdabeast and Miss Janelle who is in ATL teaching classes. 

Product of the week

My product of the week is......Bud Light lime-a-rita. This beer has a great lime taste minus the beer like taste. You don't need much because a small can of this bad boy can have you on your tailbone. It ranges from 2-4 dollars a can but well worth it. Its usual available in any liquor store or store's that carries alcohol products. It is also available in fruit punch. Beware when consuming this product because your buzz will sneak up on you real quick!! Go try it and share your thoughts about it and remember don't drink and drive.

Whats your fashion?

Heels,dresses,hats,or sweat pants. Whatever it may be that you wear to express yourself is called your "style". Now there are items that are trending right now like leopard print and nail designs to name a few. What are your favorite trends? Me I'm loving the leopard print trend right now also I like to try new hairstyles. I just cut my bangs into the Chinese bangs or also known as a fringe cut. Fashion is what you make of it I love to see peoples styles. It make me want to rub my fashion bone! I can not lie I am a little bit of a tomboy but also now when and how to get dolled up. Heels are not my friend as of now but I will be fighting them everyday if I have to just so I can learn how to walk gracefully. So my point is just be you and wear what makes you happy. I would love to see what kind of outfits my fellow people can put together or an outfit of your own to show your personality. Well fashion in fashion out that's what life is all about!!!